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My Retirement - Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Big Weekend and I am doing OK

Of Thee I Sing

I am fortunate to live in a very historical area of the US. Brave soldiers fought and died on this land to bring about this great experiment known as America. I am surrounded by the ghosts of the past wherever I go and swell with pride at the sacrifices that they made for all of us who reside in this land of freedom.

My county tis of thee,
Sweet Land of Liberty,
Of thee I sing.

Cemetery near Valley Forge, PA
About a mile from my home there is a cemetery where twenty-two Revolutionary War soldiers are buried. I drive by this site many times a week and only stopped by a few times to reflect.  There are no names written on their graves, they are unknown, but not forgotten. On Monday, there will be a ceremony at the site which will be attended by local town councils and a core group that gather every year to remember.

Land where my father died,
Land of the Pilgrim's Pride,

Soldier's huts at Valley Forge

Not too far down the road is Valley Forge Park. This was where Washington and his troops of about 11,000 men encamped during the winter of 1777-1778. Many died because they were ill equipped with supplies of clothing and food. In June they left to pursue the British who were heading toward New York

This is Washington's headquarters where he stayed along with his aids. His wife Martha also joined him for a few months that winter. The building is 80% original.

The park is a beautiful place to go to reflect and be thankful for the country that we love.

From every mountain side


Let Freedom Ring!


  1. Beautiful post...very stirring. Both my husbands family and my mothers family originated from the States....I celebrate both Canada Day and The 4th of July.

  2. Lovely post, and heartfelt. To live in a place where the future was determined, well, that must be awesome.

  3. I really like this post. Now that the girls are older, I think we will have to visit these places with them - not just drive through at 4am on the way to the airport - fearful of hitting one of the hundreds of deer that line the road at that hour.