Saturday, July 30, 2011


My mind still feels like it is on vacation, but doing OK.

    Losing It.

Bat pictureDo you ever feel you are going batty?  You write something down, reread it, and think, fine - done.  Two days later, you look at it again and you think, how did I do that, was I having a brain drain?  You find spelling errors or typos, even though you had used spell-check - or thought you did. You have gone over the top with placing commas, used wrong tenses of  verbs,  and run-on sentences have run amok.  You don't think you use to do this; you prided yourself on your command of the English language, yet you have used a word which sounds the same as another but with a different spelling and meaning.  Well, that is where I am finding myself now. How did I not catch this or that when I quickly proofed? "Quickly" might be the problem..  At this point, I should probably write, leave it alone for a day or so, re-read, leave it alone for another day, and then a week later, with a fresh perspective, do my last run-thru and publish.  However, by that time, I probably would have changed most of what I originally wrote and added some new errors.  Can't win, but don't judge me too harshly, I eventually correct myself.  I am just in my over-the-hill stage of life.

At my last job we received a letter that told us that payment would be anally. I have to admit that the missing "u" made my day. 

Tomorrow I will correct this post.


  1. Hahahah!! I'm completely there myself. But really, I don't mind. I just wrote and read a post with a typo in it. Imperfections are perfections too, like the old mosaic artists knew. I don't pay myself enough to be my editor too. Besides, I never would've had the laugh over being paid anally if it was perfect!

  2. Hello Arleen:
    Wonderful. Although these days, we suppose, one is fortunate if one is paid at all!

    We tend to be with you on this, publish at the time regardless of any possible errors as to keep delaying, through yet more checks, would most likely result in never publishing at all. As Wellington said [although in a rather different context], 'Publish and be damned!'.

  3. I say, let's just blame it on the computer, with all its auto correct, suggested spelling, auto-complete crap.

    I tend to write and then let my blog drafts sit for a few days (well not always, sometimes the material is time sensitive). I always find I can improve it if I go back and edit a few times later. Funny thing though, I have a couple of blogs written, and I thought particularly well written at the time, but my frame of mind has changed, and they seem kind of negative. Who knows, maybe they'll be appropriate again some day.

    Keep on writing and publishing, grammar and spelling are very secondary to your ideas and concepts.

  4. I'm with you girl....and my typing (which used to be flawless) stinks. Here's the thing; it's not that we are is just that our ideas are flowing so quickly that the technical part of our brains can't keep up. What we need is voice activated text. Rory over at The Scottish Scribbler has tried it out with hilarious results. It makes our efforts look good.

  5. Yeah ... what Delores said. If you've been making mistakes, I sure haven't noticed them. (I'm too busy nitpicking my own writing.) Anally ... now that's funny!

  6. Well, I got up this morning, had my tea, and thought about what I wrote last night - or was it very early this morning. I realized my dumb mistake and quickly fixed it. However, it was too late as it had been read by quite a few. So, dang, caught again.

  7. Judge you? Never! I did think the anally requested payment was funny though even if it might have been a tad painful.

  8. I wondered what was trying to creep up in there...
    Mybabyjohn/Delores is correct: all our creative fury is pouring from our fingers, at the cost of typos. Let it flow, rather than be anal and plug up the dam.
    Love the bat.

  9. WINNER WINNER First prize winner on the Royal Giveaway (thefeatherednest). Email me ( with your mailing address and I will pop it in the mail first thing Tuesday morning.

  10. Reminds me of an email I received from from a former employee. He sent me a message to let me know that his doctor had not yet approved him to come back to work after knee surgery. The last line showed he had more of a problem than I thought - 'Sorry for the incontinence.'

    I let him know that it was ok to stay out until he resolved his issues.