Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Retirement - Where the Cool Breezes Blow.

Back home and doing OK

California Dreamin'

While most of the country was suffering though record-setting high temperatures, hubby and I enjoyed the cool breezes and perfect temperatures along the Monterey Bay, CA coastline.  The fog  creeps in (like little cat's feet) in the morning but by noon we are enjoying the warm California sun.

We watched the surfers in the early morning (daughter and son-in-law)

Visited the fish

Enjoyed watching the wonder in our granddaughter's eyes.

Did some berry picking by the sea

Fruits of our labor - Strawberries and Olallieberries

Yes, I said Olallieberries (cross between the loganberry and the youngberry, which itself is a cross between the blackberry and another berry (raspberry and dewberry, respectively).   Yeah, whatever that means.

And took in some of the cultural attractions.

Good time had by all!


  1. lovin that lost shot. So glad you all had a good time.

  2. Delores, You got this post too soon. I did not mean to publish as I was still working on it. I hit the wrong button. After 6 months, I am still learning how to attach pictures. It is true, it is hard to teach an old dog.....

  3. Hello:
    What a lovely record of what was so obviously a happy and relaxing holiday spent with your family. You did well to escape the worst of the heat about which we continue to read with growing alarm.

    We were much amused with the picture of your taking in some 'cultural' activities. Have a happy week.

  4. Man, those berries do a lot of "crossing", don't they? Never heard of those O-berries. Absolutely LOVE the picture of that "Stinky Feet" place. I wanta go there!!! (Who CARES if the food is any good?)

  5. Super time had by all! the berries are awesome, and the toilet seat accommodations are great!

  6. Loved this post, Arleen. Sounds like a well earned break. The toilet seats are a hoot!

  7. Stinky Feet is a game on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Granddaughters couldn't wait to take Grandpa there. I think they shoot water out to try to hit the feet or something like that. I can't hit the side of a barn door even with a cannon, so I sat it out.

  8. the final sentence sums it up for us - a good time was DEFINATELY had by all!

  9. I love all these pictures. My kids would soooo love that Stinky Feet. How cool is that wall??