Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Retirement - A Party of Friends

Holiday is over and I am doing OK

Good Times

willow tree pictureI have been a very fortunate person.  I came from and am in a loving family, always had a friend, worked at places where I met terrific folks and yes, life has been good to me.   I was never a part of the jet set, never drove a Cadillac, never traveled to exotic places, but home has been where my heart truly is. My children are educated and on their own and I am proud of the job I did getting them there.  My siblings are so special to me and we have a deep, loving relationship that is supportive and kind.

Yesterday I sat under the shade of my willow tree with some friends and family, listening to music, having a little of the grape, laughing about the ordinary things in life and having a good time.  How grateful I am for my blessings.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day.

  2. Hello Arleen:
    How wonderful the time spent with your family and friends sitting in the shade of a willow tree sounds to have been. You are so right with what you value, which in turn, we believe, brings that inner peace, contentment and happiness, sadly denied to so many [particularly those of the jet set, fast car, large house, etc. etc. brigade].

    We firmly believe, like you, that people matter above all and over all else.

  3. You've got your life right, because you've got your priorities right. Like mbj says - Perfect!