Friday, January 7, 2011

My Retirement, Day 3

Day 3 of Retirement and doing OK.

I googled myself today. My name appears on Facebook (how cool am I) and Linkedln.  On Linkedln I see I have two contacts.  Wow!  I have no idea who they are but it makes me feel good that someone would want me as a contact.  Of course that was B/R (before retirement).  I wonder how they came up with a name of Linkedln, I get the Link, but the edln, I don't.  I will have to look that up on Wikepedia today - another goal.  I have often mispronounced it to people as Linkeydink. I am sure that impressed them; maybe that is why I only have two contacts.  Perhaps when I let my hair go white and apply for a job at The Hallmark Store where I can dust statues, I can use those contacts.  However, I will have to remember the password to get in the site and there is no chance of that happening.

My name was also referenced in a Sound Off column from the local newspaper.  Last year I had written them a letter about tolerance for other people and their ideas.  This person was very nice to call in and say that she liked what I said and it got me a blurb on Google.  The good thing is that all the hate mail that I received did not.  I am concerned though that about 6 months ago when I also googled my name, I appeared on a few sites.  My letter showed up on Google, some responses were in Google, and I was also on the hubby's ancestory site. Those do not appear anymore.  Am I slowly disappearing from cyber life?  Have the Polish found out I am really Irish?  Then I got on Facebook and asked to see all thse listed with my last name.  There were over 250 names and I was not one of them.  Do you have to have a 100 friends to make the list?  Maybe I will have to give my cats an e-mail address and get them included as my friends.  Maybe they do not include old people in their count because they don't buy enough on line.

Today I have the pleasure of watching over my granddaughter who is not feeling well.  She is the greatest and one of the six most beautiful children ever born.  She is funny and clever and great company and is going to make Day 3 of my retirement go easier.  She is also an excuse for me not tackling the neat piles I have assembled in the basement.   

We just finished watching Alien Autopsy on Comcast, excuse me, Xfinity.   Great movie, must have missed it when it first came out.  Wonder if it will be up for an award this year.  Yes, yes, this is what retirement is all about - the opportunity to experience cultural events.

Because I have company today, I will have to forego some of my organizing till tomorrow.  However, I must have a goal.  I looked down at my feet and I have two different fuzzy socks on so my chore today will be to find the matches. 

Tomorrow is another day!

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  1. Well...I joined...but it has taken me awhile to figure out how to comment...don't ask...took me forever to pick out a pic for the thing....all I have to say is....I had no idea you were so funny...I mean I always saw your sense of humor...but not in writing...maybe I am easily entertained...also retired..much longer then you and I have so many piles in my basement...hate to scare you...they never go away....I keep hoping but no deal....