Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Retirement, Week 2

Week 2 of Retirement and doing OK.

"Linguists vote 'app" Word of the Year."  Well that news made my day! Even though I have reached senior citizen status, I am well aware of what an "app" is, however, I am appless.  Somehow, I will survive. Getting information within seconds allows you not to think, answers are instantaneous. The weather report is at your fingertips, although if you put your hand outside, you will be able to feel rain, snow, hail, heat and cold.  If you look up and see the sun or black clouds, you have your answer.  These are the old fashion apps, but they work just as fast and are probably more reliable than a weather forecast. However, on your smartphone, you can track the clouds.  You can worry about that far off weather pattern and because of your anxiety, you miss the good weather you are in at that moment. 

Smart phones will get smarter and unforutnately people won't have to.  There will be no need to remember anybody or anything.  It will all be at your fingertips.  See a person you somewhat recognize, no problem not knowing their name, check your facebook list on your phone and out of the hundreds you have listed, their face will pop up.  They will probably have to look you up also. I can envision a roomful of people at a party glued to their phones looking up everybody on their IPhones or Blackberries to remind them who their "friends" are. 

I must admit that as I get more and more into my forgetful years, this can be a help.  However, do you think any friends around my age will continually replace their pictures as they grow older. They will use photos of their grandchildren or their cat or dog.  I won't use my grandchildren, but I am now looking at photos of my cats to pick out the one who is most photogenic.

BTW (see, I can speak text language) I found my missing sock and now my day is less stressful.

Yes, life has changed.

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  1. haha Arlene....totally agree with you....I like face to face instead of facebook! Seems it is becoming a lost art as one watches the younger people around us walking and staring and or texting into a mobile gadget....love ya! sue