Friday, January 14, 2011

My Retirement, End of Second Week

12 days of Retirement and doing OK.

Mistakes and Regrets.

Yes, I have had a few but with age they become less important and many times laughable.  My latest was to dye my hair a purple/mahogony color three hours before my retirement party. Now I really hadn't planned on doing such a thing, but when I left work early that day to get ready for my big night, I noticed that my hair was about 3 week past dying.  I did not have time to go to a salon and remembered  that I had some boxes of dye at home. What I found was that they were all different brands and colors.  Companies like to change their packaging often and sometimes confuse me.  I realized that these were "mistake" purchases, however, I was determined to get rid of the grey, time was getting short and I had to make a choice.  One of the selections was darker than the others and after much consideration, I chose that one.  I usually go with a reddish blond, but I worried about it coming out a Clarabell Orange, (which I had experienced once before) so I thought it safest to go with dark. Oh, what a unique shade it was!  It was the color of my drapes.  At the party, everybody was very polite and never mentioned anything about it.  They all complimented me on my necklace.  I know this was to keep their eyes down and off my head . I felt it was a moment where people think "What do I say" so my necklace became the thing to talk about.   However, they have all been witness to many of my foibles, so this was just another "Arleen moment".  I have a reputation. 

Regrets, yes I have some, but that is what life is about.  You can learn from everything and what you do wrong is always a good lesson.  I believe they have made me a wiser and better person.


  1. HA!!!! I thought your hair was always a natural color...I have been so "deceived"....I think you should put a picture up on the "blog" of that "hair day"......

  2. Reminds me of the time you used lip liner on your eyebrows!