Friday, January 21, 2011

My Retirement, End of Week 3

19 days of retirement and doing OK


I wake up every day to watch Good Morning America.  As the hosts and guests are speaking, they stream news on the bottom of the screen. I find this very distracting as I do not know on what to concentrate .  However, for the first 5 minutes I watch the bottom of the screen just to see the words "Good Morning America, the date, day and time is".  This gets me going as now I have the basics and can plan better.

I have never worn a watch or ever felt the need to have one and I have seldom been late for anything.  Of course, this might be due to being married to Father Time.  Time is (one of) his obsession.  If we have someplace to go he will ask me at what time I plan to leave.  I know that whatever I say will not be early enough for him but I say it anyway.  I think we have had more "discussions" about this matter than anything else in our 43 years of marrriage.  We are usually the first ones in a theater for a movie when not even the commercials have begun, we get to parties when the host is still getting dressed, and long before you had to be at the airport two hours before your flight, that was our routine.  My children always remember when one New Year's Eve we decided to go as a family to see  2010, A Space Oddesy. Because hubby was sure the theater would be packed, we left a few hours early for a show that was playing 20 minutes away.  Now back in the 80's most theaters were only showing 2 movies, not like the mega theaters of today, and many times the movies sold out.  When we arrived, there was nobody there and for a few hours I had to listen to 4 winey kids complaining.  My grown up children are seldom on time today and I blame it on that night. I think it is their subconscious still rebelling.

Now back to me.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I have started jogging in my house.  On my first day, I barely got through 3000 steps.  Yesterday, I did 12,240.  Now this was not in one clip.  I had jogged 9237 in the morning and was so in awe of myself.  We went out to dinner with friends that evening and along with a club sandwich I had a glass or two of fine wine.  We had a great time and when I got home around 9, I felt engergized.  I mentioned to hubby that I thought I would run my route for a while but did not get a positive response.  As he fell asleep in his old man's chair, I started my jog. I was not sure my pedometer would add on these extra steps to what I had already done, but I did not care.  I did another 3003 and was so excited when I saw 12,240 steps pop up in my history.  However, my goal everyday is to beat the day before's number and was not sure my old body could do this.  Knowing now that my pedometer would add up all previous runs for the day, I though I could do 4000+ three different times thoughout the day.  Today,  I was ready to start around ten but looked out my window and saw 5 cars parked in front of my house.  My home, being on a corner, is a school bus stop and because of snow, the kids had a 2 hour delay.  I thought it best to wait as I thought people would see an old woman running past the window every minute or two wearing what looked to be a cape (but is my bathrobe). I did not want anyone to call 911.  When the coast was cleared, I started with the intention of doing my first 4000 of the day.  Funny thing is that when I got to my mark, I knew I could do more, so my goal became 8000.  When I reached that number and was still breathing, I convinced myself that I could do 10,000. When I was finally done, the screen on my phone showed 13,003.   I am so proud of myself but now I have to beat that tomorrow.  I also want to do it in a shorter time.

My next blog will be about  compulsive disorders.


  1. You have a big enough house to run around in....I could run a circle in my kitchen and get dizzy and pass out....Fay would come home and think I was taking a nap before I fixed dinner!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG...this is better than anything on TV...keep it coming Arlene....Maybe you have found a new profession?