Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Retirement - A Mother's Love

Been there, done that and doing OK.

Mommy Dearest
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I am the mother of 4 adult children.  Today is Mother's Day and I want to say that I could not be prouder of the children I have raised.

My son Andy is my Pride.  He is the first born and the only son I have.  He has always been the most driven and because of his birth order in the family, he may have had the largest burden.  However, that is life and fortunately or unfortunately, that is his role.  The first born is your experiment and your practice child.  They are also the ones who you put all your hopes and dreams into and more is expected.  A few weeks after he was born my husband was transferred to a small town in Michigan called Bad Axe.  It was four blocks long, not exactly a hubbub of activity, and the three of us lived in a motel apartment for 18 months.  We knew very few people and had no interaction with others with babies.  We were on our own and every minute of my day revolved around me and my son. I had such great plans for him, he was my life.   At four months old as he would  love to grab at newspapers. We would lay the paper on the floor and as he would reach for it, we would slide it a few inches away so he would push himself to crawl to get it. How Tiger Motherish that sounds, ugh.   That child crawled at five months, stood at six months and walked at seven and a half months.  We thought this was normal.   I wanted to get him a piano on his first birthday so he could play at Carnegie Hall or the Met when he was five. Yes, we were a little bit obsessive.  Despite all our mistakes, my son has lived up to his role and is successful, however, more than that, he is a good man and a marvelous father.   I never got him the piano, he never played at the Met, but he and his son can play a mean game of Guitar Hero. I also love that they both like to sing and I believe that people who are melodious, have something special in their hearts.  He is my success #1.

Heather, my second born, is my Heart.  When she came into my life I had some experience under my belt, was much more realistic, and she was a very easy child.  She always wanted to please and I can think of very few times in her childhood when she gave me any problems.  Being my first daughter, I wanted things for her that were not available for girls of my generation.  Women's role in the 70's was changing and opportunities were now opening up.  Young girls could now have dreams and were not relegated to only certain jobs and careers.  She was never going to know about limits, about what girls could not do, only about what she wanted to do.  I encouraged her to think for herself and be the best she could be.  She did this and more. Heather' s heart is so big, her thoughts so idealistic and her kindness has no bounds.  She has a career she loves and young daughters who also appear to be free-thinkers. Her first child is only 6, but I see a future president of something there.  Success story #2

Third child Molly is my Smile.  This lovely person has made me laugh from the time she was born.  Sometimes she didn't mean to do this, it just came natural. At times, she had a problem being tactful but that always led to a good story and lots of giggling afterwards.   She was also a pleaser and so easy to get along with.  Like her brother and sister , she was a good athlete and because of that was able to travel overseas performing in gymnastic events.  My expression to her was "Yes, you can",  and she did.  People have always loved her and enjoy being around her and just as much as she is my daughter, she is my friend.  I beam with pride when I tell people I am her mother.  Molls has three beautiful, talented girls who look like her and are also a delight to be around.  They seem to have inherited so many of her traits and that makes me smile.  Success story #3. 

Last child is Sarah; she is my Adventure.  She was born 11 years after my first and four years after my third.  She was a gift.  When they handed me this beautiful child, she smiled. OK, I know it was probably gas, but I will always remember that look on her face.  When she came along, I was getting tired and not so idealistic anymore.  At this point in my life, I just wanted some quiet.  Her birth order dictated that what she wanted, she usually got.  Being the baby is a good position to be in.  Sarah has grown up to be a lovely woman and I so enjoy her company.  Her father dotes on her and she in kind to him.  She has that special something and brings so much joy to our family.  I am so proud of the person she has become and am so glad that I had that "one more" child.  Success story #4.

On this day, I want to thank my children for making my life so wonderful and fulfilling all my dreams of being a mother to such exceptional people.


  1. you are my success, heart, smile and adventure all bundled into the best mother in the world! i love you with all my heart. thank you for writing such beautiful words about us.

  2. Hello:
    What a very lovely tribute to your children, Andy, Heather, Molly and Sarah, who, we feel sure, would say that very largely they owe what they are to you [and, of course, your husband].

    In these days of so many disfunctional families it is a real pleasure to think of you all together, united as one. We wish you much happiness today.

  3. Wondering which one of my children could be anonymous, hmmm. Could be any of you, so, therefore your new names, Anonymous #1, #2, #3, #4.

  4. You are a beautiful, strong and loving mother! You have taught me to be strong and push for succes in every aspect in my life. You taught me about the simple and beautiful things like a flower. Life makes twists and turns and we have to adapt to the change but one thing remains constant is the love our family has that you and Dad raised. I Love you and Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Since all of my children are still living, I assume God is still working on them and therefore, is not finished with them yet. Hope springs eternal! Happy Mother's Day to Moms, natural, unnatural, and "on loan". The Medicare Mom.

  6. What a wonderful post and testament to your family. It reminds me of an essay I read years ago that was written by Erma Bombeck. In it, she tells each of her children why he's her "favorite". I hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day.

  7. I loved your story of your children - do they read your blog? I'm sure that they would want to pay tribute to you too!

  8. Molly, my children read my blog and seem to enjoy it, however, this time they signed their names as Anonymous. However, I knew who they are.

    Susan, I wish I had thought of the "favorite child scenario". That could have been fun.

    Jane and Lance, thank you for your kind words.

    Judy, we are all a work in progress. You sound like you are having fun with your grandchildren and they must love you so much. Your blog is so much fun to read.

  9. I enjoyed that so much! thank you for sharing your family with us.

  10. I love each beautiful profile you've written here for each of your children. I hope they read this.

  11. Hey...I just got home from a I just got done reading the most wonderful words about my "niece's & nephew"....I knew it all the time...sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day....see you "Labor Day"!!!!!