Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From My Window

Water, water, everywhere, but I am doing OK

The Gods are not being kind.
This year has been an extreme, extreme.    It seemed like it rained most of  the spring, early and mid-summer were like the Sahara desert with record breaking heat and sun, and August brought us back to constant humidity and storms.  I think I spent more time in my house trying to avoid the adverse conditions rather than being outside enjoying, what used to be, the best part of the year.  I know we in the mid-Atlantic states have not been the only ones being affected by these awful weather patterns.  I have heard the word "disaster"  used on an almost daily basis on the world news these past few months.

I am sitting on my comfy chair looking outside as sheets of rain explode on the road.   Flash flooding is happening all around us, and most rivers and streams have overflowed.  More percipitation is expected in the next week. The ground is so saturated with the rainfall from Irene and the these last storms, that the water has no place to go.  Possible tornadoes were reported in the states south of us, so I would imagine that we will hear some word of these happening here also.  I don't want to think about it; I am already exhausted from it all. 

So, like my cat, I go from window to window looking out as life is going on.  My trees are still standing, the flowers are colorful and, my oh my, the grass is so green.  They are telling us there are new storms in the Atlantic and hurricane season has another month to go - just what I wanted to hear.

I am wondering what the weather is like on the moon these days.  I really ned to get out of here!


  1. Here's hoping there won't be tornadoes on top of all the rest.

  2. Today here in San Diego the temperature was about 70-80 degrees. That is nearly 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday!
    Weather is definitely fluctuating!

  3. Susan, San Diego is one of the most lovely cities I have ever visited. It is always nice there. Lucky, lucky you; I'd change places anytime.

  4. I believe that Perth in Western Australia has a near perfect climate..... Just an idea!

  5. Arleen that weather sounds really awful. I've just looked up on Wikipedia El Nino/La Nina (ENSO) which apparently is what has caused the weather havoc this year. Thinking of you. Keep safe.

  6. hurricane Katia is hitting our shores as I write this!!!!!!
    the world has gone mad!