Monday, September 12, 2011

Speak of the Devil

Being nice around difficult people

Things I said                                        What I was thinking

1) Oh sure---------------------------------------- No way.
2) Beautiful baby----------------------------- Looks like your father-in-law.
3) We have to do lunch ------------------  On a Sunday, in the middle of the week.
4) I'd love to help, call me -------------- Thank God, I have caller ID.
5) Wow, that's some colorful outfit.--- Wow, that's some colorful outfit!
6) Whatever you want --------------------- You always get  your way anyhow.
7) I respect your opinion ------------------ Idiot.
8) You haven't changed a bit ---------- Some people never grow up.
9)  I'm happy for you ----------------------- You braggart
10) No --------------------------------------------- I wonder if it included dinner

I was taught to be a kind person and I hope that I have been that.   There are times though, when I am in a conversation with someone that I have considered mean and spiteful, that I have held my tongue for the want of not lowering myself to their standards.  Sometimes, after I leave the situation, I mutter to myself for hours about how I should have spoken up or just slammed them with a biting remark.   Nah, that wouldn't work for me, I am too guilt ridden, and besides, what I think doesn't  matter to them anyway.

I am already feeling bad about writing this, but you won't tell anyone about my dark side, will you?


  1. No....whatever you want....I respect your opinion.

  2. Yes! I know just what you mean! I can really identify with this, but I also find that if I don't put the anger where it belongs (on the heads of the mean, spiteful people) it stays inside me and festers! Sometimes you just have to let it out to feel comfortable in your own skin ;-)
    The Time Sculptor

  3. I always come up with a fab comment.....2 hours after I am away from the situation. I think my silence disturbs more than any wonderful remark I might could come back with. Love the new picture!

  4. What dark side Arleen? I loved that list and you don't have one mean bone in your body.

  5. I taught my own kids and countless Sunday school students those famous words from Thumper: "If ya can't say something nice, don't say nuthin at all." Good words to live by, but dang! Some people DO make it a challenge, don't they?

  6. Delores - perfect comment
    Jane - Sometimes it can give some satisfaction to put somebody in their place, but other times, you can feel worse for it.
    Bonnie - Agree
    Molly - Well, my husband might disagree with you but thank you anyway dear friend.

  7. Susan - Yeah, there are some challenging people out there. I just try to keep my distance.

  8. I can so identify with biting my tongue when people are rude. I am a polite, pleasant person (on the outside anyway). Unfortunately in this day and age, I think being quiet and smiling is equated with being stupid or a pushover. I am amazed at the rudeness some people think they can just heap on others.

    I have a sister-in-law who makes the most obnoxious remarks. She is a pastor's wife and thinks whatever she says and thinks is blessed by God, so it matters not how things are seen and perceived by us mere mortals.

  9. It is probably a good thing that we have an 'edit' button in our brains. Can you imagine what would happen if what we really thought came out our mouths? Man. I would hurt a lot of feelings and create unknown pain.
    Good post, no, awesome post.

  10. Some people can NEVER be nasty; to others is just comes naturally! I like to think that I too fall amongst the former.

  11. Cro - Your show such courtesy and kindness in your posts and comments, there is no doubt that you are one of the good guys.

    Susan K - Absolutely

    MG - Everybody has someone like that in their family.

  12. P. S. I love the photo and design of your blog. Where did the photo come from--it is so lovely.

  13. Thank you Susan. That was taken on the side of my house, looking down to my backyard. The flower is from a Crepe Myrtle Tree.