Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thoughts on Aging from a 10 Year Old

Coming out of the doldrums and doing OK

Lovin' Those Kids

"I'm usually more polite than this, but my mom says there’s no pleasing you."

My granddaughter Emma, age 10, was complaining about a substitute teacher to me. 

"She was grouchy, Mamama (yours truly), and really old.  The teacher just kept saying, move away from there, get over here, and things like that." 

 As she was telling me this story, Emma changed the sound of her voice to this shrill, squeaky tone to mimic this poor lady.    I shook my head and sat down with my always sweet grandchild and explained to her that just because the woman was older, did not mean she wasn't a good teacher, and probably with all the experience she had, she was better than most.   I pointed to myself and said,

"I'm old and do you think that I can't do things well anymore." 

 "Oh no, Mamama, you are not old and she was a lot older than you." 

I knew she was wrong about that, but I did not interrupt that statement.  I should not have paused though, because Emma continued.

 " You know, if you got some wrinkle cream like they show on TV, and did something different with your hair, you would look way younger." 

Conversation over.

Age discrimination starts young.


  1. There are way too many commercials these days about trying to be something you are not. The younger generation seems to have bought into it. By the time our grandchildren are our age everyone will look like they are twelve years old.

  2. It's funny how our perspective on age changes. (as we age?) I remember reading a book about a (wow!) twelve-year-old sixth grader when I was only a six-year-old first grader, and I could hardly WAIT to get to be that "old." At your granddaughter's age, anybody older than a teenager is an antique. (It'd be interesting, though, to find out how old that sub teacher actually is, though.)

  3. Hi Susan, My feeling is that the teacher was 55 to 60. However, in a child's eyes, anyone older than their parents is ancient, except of course, me (with the little help Emmie suggested).

    MBJ - Yes, those commercials can be convincing. I have fallen prey to their claims once or twice myself.

    MG - Yes, and I laugh at them all the time.

  4. I've got some wrinkle cream and given up on my hair but I still don't look any younger. Can't win can you :0)

  5. kids..... mouths and minds free of clutter

  6. I had color put in my hair because I was suddenly 'old' in my granddaughters' opinions. Now, I am just a teensy bit old. I laugh.

  7. That is hilarious! The things kids say. Great story & I love the new picture at the top of your blog. :-)

  8. I spoke to a young man who spent some time in the Philipines and he said it was so much different there than here in the western world. To be called old there is a compliment, meaning you are wise and to be greatly respected. Here it's an insult and something to be "fixed."

    Just the same, I had to smile at this conversation :) She just sounds so cute!