Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank you Susan

Got an award, and doing OK

Thanks to Susan Flett Swiderski of I Think; Therefore, I Yam, I am reading over my old posts and looking at my life in the past year.  I was reviewing them, trying to find ones that fit into this 7 X 7 award that she so nicely bestowed upon me.  Susan is a terrific writer and she has me in stitches all the time with her comical, interesting twists on anything and everything.   Susan is very, very talented.

Now about me.........

I have been writing my blog since January, the first month of my retirement.   Sometimes I am happy that I am retired, other times I think, "why did I do that?."  However,  I would have never started this journey into Bloggerville, and never gotten to know so many nice, funny, interesting people.  Notice me kissing up here, but I truly mean this.

So here is what I came up with:

Most Beautiful:   Losing a Friend.  I wrote this the day after we had to put my beloved pet cat, Martian, to sleep.  It came from my heart, as I truly felt very wounded that day.  Of course, it is sad, but I think many people with pets can relate. Can be found in April's blogs

Most Popular:  I am not going to list the most popular one here because I am saving that for another category.  Some others are more recent like "I'm Not Getting Fatter, I Am Just Post-Menopausal, so I chose one of my top five from 8 months ago.  My Retirement - Week 4. which tells about my fruitless efforts to look younger.  January

Most Controversial:  I never, never, never want to write anything really controversial.  What if I offend someone?  No, that is not where I am in life now.  I did do a short political commentary on former Congressmen Weiner called "My Retirement - The Caveman",  and some in my family thought I should have stayed away from that.  Nobody else seemed to mind though. June

Most Helpful:  This one had me stumped.  I don't write recipes (you should be glad that I don't), make quilts (did make one years ago), or knit (hands don't work so well).  I can help people laugh sometimes though, so I looked for one that people found funny.  My Retirement - - Month Two.  It is about trying to find a pair of pants that will fit.  February

Surprisingly Successful:  My Retirement - Day 2.  This was my first post and I was so surprised to see that I had an audience.  It is also my most popular. January

Most UnderratedMy Retirement - Dress for Success.  I liked this one, but it was probably too long to read.  It is about my fashion faux pas. May

Most Pride Worthy:  A Mother's Love.  It was Mother's Day and I wrote about how proud I am of my four children.  May

That's it.  It was fun reading my old posts, regardless of the errors I found in them now.  I love writing this blog and have great fun doing it.  I am always unsure about what I write and am usually nervous when I click on "publish".  However, I found a quote (author unknown) that sums it up for me,  "Never be afraid to try something new. Remember amateurs built the ark;  professionals built the Titanic.  


  1. Congratulations on your award! I am going to go back and read the ones I haven't read. I love the quote and it is so true. Bonnie

  2. Thanks Bonnie,
    I went back and saw I missed one - Helpful. I also found a spelling error (ark - hard one, isn't it) so it was good that I checked again. I wouldn't want Susan to take away my award because I can't count to 7.

    I have gotten a few awards but haven't taken the time to figure out how to add them to my blog. It's on my "tomorrow list".

  3. Yes, congratulations from me too, Arleen. I love reading your blog and there are quite a few others that I would have included as well, but 7 it was so there. I loved the brilliantly funny one also on ageing from a ten year old's point of view. have a good week xx

  4. Oh, no, no, no, Arleen. No way I'd take your award away. You earned it! I'm looking forward to locating and reading the posts you listed. They sound great!

  5. Congrats on the award - your writing deserves it. You certainly write from the heart - an important blogger attribute. Well done.

  6. Musical Gardner - That was so nice of you. Your words made me feel good

    Susan - Well, I wouldn't give it back anyway, even if I only had 5 categories completed. I tried to put in old posts that were not familiar to many. I should have linked them, but I am not sure how to do that. That, along with so many things, are on my "things to learn" list.

    Molly dear, Thank you for being one of my biggest supporters. I am glad you are enjoying my posts. You always give me an uplifting comment and I so appreciate that.

  7. SO (Arleen) - I like to call you SO. :-) Congratulations!!! You totally deserve this award and I am looking forward to reading your older posts. You always make me smile & I love the quote!

  8. Lovely award and well deserved.
    I also love your photo header! Where is that? Your backyard? How wonderful.

  9. Great fun reading through your past posts. I remember so clearly reading about Martian.

  10. Delores, you have been a supporter of mine from almost the beginning and I really appreciate that. Your comments are always nice and to the point.

    Susan Kane, Yes, that is my backyard.