Monday, September 26, 2011

Ruby Day

The rain has stopped for almost 24 hours and I am doing OK


Saturday,  hubby, granddaughter Ruby, and I went on our postponed trip to Baltimore Harbor.  Hurricane Irene cancelled the first one and it looked like Friday night's downpour might do the same.  However, the rain stopped sometime in the early hours, and we were on our way at 6 A.M.  Rather than driving and fighting the traffic, we took a chartered bus tour which left us off at the front of the Aquarium at 10 am and would pick us up at 5 pm.  So began Ruby Day!

Ruby is eight years old and is a combination of Lucille Ball,  Pee Wee Herman, Sponge Bob, with a dose of the Keystone Cops thrown in.  She is a ball of energy, loves being a comedian, and has me smiling all the time,  She looks  like her mother when she was young, and that warms my heart.  So much about her personality though, reminds me of myself as a child. 

I'd like to say the trip down was uneventful, but unfortunately right before we were to stop for breakfast, Ruby decided to brush her very long blond hair; then she rolled it up into the plastic brush right to her scalp.  Suffice it to say that a half hour later,  my frenzied hubby with a nail clipper freed her.  She never cried or even whimpered, and I was so proud of her.   However, she did lose a good size ball of hair in that debacle. " Not to worry", she said, "it will be OK."

We got to the aquarium before the crowds and were able to view a 4D film about the animal kingdom without waiting on line. I had never experienced 4D and it was quite something. The movie was only about 10 minutes long, but during it we were snowed upon, rained upon, blown upon, and then kicked in the back of the chair when the screen showed a killer whale jump out of the water and grab a dolphin.   It was great fun. 

There is so much to see and experience at this marvelous place and I tried to share some of my limited knowledge about sea life to Ruby.  She accepted it in the beginning but later on said, "Mamama, this is the weekend, and I don't want to learn anything on the weekend."  Maybe she has something there.  It is good to have time to free your mind.

The rest of the afternoon was spent roaming around the harbor and seeing the historic ships and sights, listening to the bands, and trying to pick out a restaurant to have our dinner.  We chose an Irish eatery that was two floors above ground and where we could look out into the harbor.  This was the most crowded, so we figured it must be good.  I usually think of Irish Cuisine to be an oxymoron, but the food was delicious and we all enjoyed our meal.  Ruby wanted desert and chose the triple chocolate cake which was oozing with sauce.  Her face and hands were covered with chocolate and she said to me that if she was at home she would just stick her whole face into it.  I am so glad she was able to repress that thought.

The day ended at 9 pm when we pulled into our driveway.  We went in the house and Ruby hugged me and told me that it was the best day ever and looked into my eyes and said, "I love you so much".

So ended Ruby Day, one of my best days also.


  1. It would have been your best day ever if you had stayed home all day and she said that to you. Grandchildren...we'd lay down in front of a bus for them.

  2. You spent the day at my old "stomping grounds!" 'Course, when we lived there, the harbor was a filthy, garbage-strewn, rat-infested area, and the farthest thing from a tourist attraction you can imagine. We were stunned the first time we went back and saw the "new" Inner Harbor and all the tour buses there. But, (gasp!) you went to Baltimore and didn't eat seafood??? Just kidding. Sounds like you had an ideal day. ('cept for the brush caught in Ruby's hair.)

    There's an award for you on my blog today, dear lady. If'n you want to accept it.

  3. Hi Susan, They told us at the aquarium that it was their 30th anniversary. I have been there a few times with my own children, and now it was a thrill to take Ruby.

    We did have seafood at the restaurant. How could you go to Maryland without having crab cakes. They are the best!

    Austen - Thank you, it was a sweet day all around.

    Delores, I have three of my grandchildren often at my house and they are always very affectionate, especially Ruby. I try to take each of them on a special trip every now and then. It is about making memories. I wish I could do this with my other granddaughters, but they live on the other side of the country. Vacations with them and those with my one and only grandson are wonderful and memorable also.

  4. Hello Arleen:
    What a wonderful day you all spent together, full of interest and fun. As you say, surely this is a day which will be remembered in history, although the brush incident may feature rather more vividly than one might have hoped!!!

    Ruby looks and sounds to be adorable. How marvellous that she is so open about expressing her feelings towards you that is so delightful.

  5. Ruby sounds like a little jewel. What a special day to spend together. I'm glad the weather didn't prevent it for you again.I've never seen a film in 4D either, sounds a fantastic day out x

  6. What a fantastic day! Special moments that she will she never forget. You are a wonderful Grandma and this made me think of all the fun times I had with mine.

    P.S. I love the name Ruby!

  7. Arleen,

    Ruby sounds like my kind of girl! It does sound like the best day ever, for everyone. Bonnie

  8. Hi Molly, Ruby is quite a gem, and better than any diamond money can buy.

    Dear Tracy Jo, Ruby is well named. Making memories is what it is all about.

    Hi Bonnie, Every day with any of my grandchildren is the best day ever. Ruby is our wild child and you never know what she will say or do. She is so much fun.

  9. She's beautiful, and sounds like a great girl. Tell her I hate those round brushes because I've had the same experience. What an enjoyable post to read!

  10. My mom had to cut my toddler sister's hair out from some rollers after I decided to improve her 'do'.
    Ruby is lucky to have you! Chocolate heaven on top of a wonderful day--what could be better?

  11. How wonderful...wish I could of been there...sounds like a great place!!! I can just picture Ruby with the chocolate cake....