Sunday, October 9, 2011

Best Music Video of All Time

Oldie but goodie, and I am doing OK

It's just my opinion...

Doesn't this make you smile?

Two old men now, but Paul still makes beautiful music and Chevy will always make me laugh.  What can be better than that!


  1. I love Chevy and Paul is classic. This song makes me want to get up and dance...hmm, I think I will! :-)

  2. loved it, loved it! thanks! Love Linda

  3. Quite righty! Love your slideshow of pictures on your blog header too

  4. Wasn't that video made just yesterday? A favorite of mine!

  5. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle have made me laugh, cry, dance. I've never before seen this video of Paul with Chevy Chase. It's wonderful and takes me back to younger days when my body was lithe and I could bend, sway, tap these feet of mine in rhythm with Paul's eyebrows!

    Thank you for sharing this and thank you, too, for commenting on my posting today about the convent. I appreciate your compliments about my blog and the writing. It's both comforting and gratifying to learn that my life somehow speaks to yours and to other readers.