Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Surprise

I never expected this, but the weather has been crazy this year.  I am doing OK

Look what the Nor'easter blew in.
At 9 am

At 11 am

At 11:30 am

At 11:45 am

At 12 pm

At 2 pm

At 3:30, sitting by the fire, listening to the sleet and snow on the roof.

At 4 pm

At 4:05, my beautiful Bradford Pear trees down

At 5 pm, making plans to follow the geese down south

At 6 pm, it is still snowing and sleeting.  What happened to Autumn?


  1. Oh no!! Your poor tree. I just hate the white stuff.

  2. Oh that's terrible. The weather's gone schizo. It's supposed to warm up now, too!

  3. Arleen, I am so sorry about the poor bradford pear. You are welcome to follow the geese my way. You may have the daybed in the studio or the canopy in my daughter's room. Your fireplace is lovely; the fire inviting. Sleep warmly....

  4. I had to go back to find out where you are to discover you are in Pennsylvania. My gosh, I didn't realize you guys got snow so soon! Or maybe it is unusual??

    I remember one year, about 25 years ago, we had now on November 1, but it didn't last long. It rarely does in our part of the USA. We go years without any accumulation to speak of.

    We do have mountains fairly close, so we can get to the snow if we wish!

    Hope you don't lose any more trees. It's always sad to lose a fruit tree.

  5. How sad to have the pear tree come down. How heavy a snow do you usually get in winter? Keep warm.

  6. Hello Arleen:
    Gosh, winter has arrived with a vengeance with you! It is wintry here too. It could be that we are all in for a long hard winter ahead.

    So sad about your pear tree being damaged, such a wonderful size and they are so hard to replace with anything of a similar size. But, everything does look magical in the snow!

  7. Dear Jane and Lance,

    We lost 4 Pear Trees, or at least large portions of each. Maybe some can be saved. My husband drove around today and noticed very little damage to other people's yards, so I guess we were just unfortunate. It could have been worse though, a tree could have fallen on our house. So we count our blessings. Warm out today and everything is melting.

    Susan Heather and Sandi- This was a very unusual storm. We usually do not get any snow until December.

  8. Oh wow, Arleen look at that - snow in October - looks like a Christmas card scene.

  9. You truly have frost on your pumpkin...what the hey....better you guys than us...our turn is coming....right now I am in Iowa and it's about 65 and sunnny!!..Love careful you guys!!!

  10. Oh golly that beautiful snow (?) covered that beautiful flower. I saw the enws reprots there.

    Sorry I didn't have the cupcake recipe out earlier.

    Would love your email address.

    Mine is skcz at comcast dot net

    Have a boo-ti-ful day.

  11. Oh my...the photos say more than I ever could. I wonder how the children will manage Halloween tonight??

  12. Susan K - We have had about 50 kids so far (7pm) which is about 1/2 as many as previous years. The snow is gone, but there are still many problems with power outages in many neighborhoods.

    Molly, It did look beautiful but I sure am glad it is gone today.

  13. Ack! I can't believe how much snow you got. That is going to be here soon and I am in complete denial. Love the fireplace and I think flying South is a fantastic idea. :-) Happy Halloween and love your pumpkin!

  14. What address or how did you get to help on blogger and report it - I looked everywhere!

  15. I too live in Pennsylvania and all that snow missed us. but my daughter who lives up near Cook Forest got it like you did. I live further south in the Sharon, Hermitage area.

    Have a great day!! Would love to have you stop by and say hello. Terry

  16. Dear Arleen, Today, after a two-week hiatus, I've returning to reading blogs. Yours was such a joy in the sense that, until two years ago, I lived in Stillwater, Minnesota, where we had unexpected snow storms early also.

    In 1991, on Halloween, we got 36 inches over a three-day period. Come spring,when the snow finally melted, many people found their jack-o-lanterns on their front stoop. I noticed one in your picture.

    I've heard that this weather is going to be harsh--much snow, frigid cold. It would seem that there in Pennsylvania you have a head start on the rest of us!

    Peace as ever and always.

  17. I wanted some of that snow, but it isn't ready to make an appearance yet in our neck of the woods. Maybe by Thanksgiving like it did last year. Loved the time lapsed pictures. It put everything into perspective.

    I'm kind of shocked about getting to a dress from 1975, too, but it was loose fitting back then. It's not so much across the chestal area now!!

    Enjoyed this blog.

    Little Mary Sunshine

  18. Dear Arleen, Dee here again with a thank you for commenting on my posting yesterday. I agree with you that blogging is addictive. I think it probably changes something in our brain--like nicotine!--and so we yearn to return to the computer and check on postings and comments.

    Yesterday I spent my 1 and a half hours--that's what I've limited myself to and then shut off the computer. Hard to do!