Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time to Say Goodbye

Somewhat sad, but doing OK.

Stock Photography Image: Hand Pushing Through Binary CodeIt has now officially come to a close.  The chilly, windy weather has arrived. There is no putting it off any longer, I have got to put an end to my summer plants.  Most have held on and done their best to keep blooming and possibly because of all the rain (and not depending on me), have lasted longer than their expected shelf life. They are showing their age now and instead of letting the frost get them, I will be compassionate and put them to sleep in a more dignified manner.  So as I dump them into the compost heap, I say farewell to them all.

Goodbye, Sun Impatiens, you grew to new heights. 

Toodles, begonias, you were mystical in my Zen garden

Hasta la vista fan flower  (Scaevola), you asked so little of me but gave much.

Chau Zinnias, you really brightened up the later part of the season.

Au revoir all you beautiful Hibiscus, you were magnifique!.

Sorry about that Picasso Petunias, you didn't make it though the summer.  I tried my best to keep you around, but like me, you wilted in the blistering hot sun.  I appreciated your splendor while you were here.

Arriverderci, Diamond Frost (Euphorbia).  You were like snow in summer without the miserable elements.

Ah, Knock Out Rose, you will need to be pruned for the winter, and what can I say, you were....., well you know what you were.
Knock out!

It was nice to meet you big green and red plant on my deck,  You will be spared as I am going to put you in my basement and take you out next spring.   Good luck, as I might forget about you every now and then.  It is survival of the fittest down there.  In a few years, that's where I may put hubby.
I have no idea what you are.

To all the other plants I had (who's names have been forgotten) but brightened up my days of summer, Chau.   I will welcome your seedlings back next year.

It is now time for Mums, cabbages and pumpkins.

I'll be back


  1. Hello Arleen:
    A post tinged with great sadness as, of course, summer is now well and truly gone and autumn, certainly here in Eastern Europe, seems short lived for it has within the last few days become very much colder with night time temperatures close to freezing. But, and we are sure that this is so with you, there is always something to look forward to, not least how you will give colour to your garden next season.

    Jó hétvégét!

  2. Hubby usually rips the pathetic bit of garden we have out on labour day or shortly thereafter, heaves a sigh of relief and says, "thank goodness that's over for another year". It's pretty bad.

  3. Well first off you frightened me, I thought you were signing off blogwaves - whew!

    I have a few plants in my basement too - I probably should have forwarned them, that neglect was going to be a way of life for the next few months.

    Hubby hmm..... you must never talk with my Missus. I don't want any fowl ideas besmirching her pristine mind.

  4. The same here.....I hated to remove a GIANT Banana Plant that took over a got as tall as our house (it's only a one story ranch} but still huge...I didn't have to worry...the weather took it out...we had high winds and it ripped it maple tree in front looks great..turned a beautiful shade of red/orange this year...I love it..all else a/o tonight will be gone...having a frost....I still have to bring in my cactus...better hurry...have a good day!!!

  5. Austan, Thank you. All but one of these photos were taken in the past week so you can understand why it breaks my heart to pull them all up.

    Delores, Labor Day is way too early. Does huby take the Chiristmas tree down on 12/26?

    MG - I am going nowhere for now, except to the composte heap. I wish I could take a few of my old posts there with me.

    Dear Jane and Lance, It is sad to see the last morsels of summer disappearing, but I have made some nice plans for the fall for which to look forward. Every season of life has something to offer.

    Chris, We got some winds yesterday but don't see frost in the immediate future, at least not in the next week.

  6. Your summer garden looked beautiful but next summer will come around. It's batten down the hatches here too - chilling wind today - I've just planted the last of my bulbs.

  7. I have always envied your photos. So wonderful. I am sad to see them hit the winter doldrums.

  8. Thank you Susan, but all good things must come to an end. Now, what to do, what to do.

  9. Arleen, I will be doing the same this weekend (I suppose that is tomorrow) I am anxious to get my pansies in the ground. My Picasso petunia didn't fare very well either. I was so disappointed. Your gardens are beautiful! All will return with the spring. Hopefully summer will be a more polite playmate next year. Bonnie

  10. Good luck, red and green plant. Stay strong down there! We're just coming into spring here in Australia, so I'm waiting to spot my hibiscus for the first time soon!

  11. Thanks Amie, Hope you have a beautiful spring. I appreciate you stopping by my blog and hope you visit again.

  12. Hi Bonnie, Yes, those Piccaso petunias were beauties, but could not take that heat. I will buy them again next year and hope for more normal weather.

  13. Okay, love the waving hand BUT I thought you were leaving us!! Relieved it is the plants because I would have missed you so. Your yard is amazing! Love all the beautiful flowers and plants...looks like a bit of heaven out there. Hard to say goodbye but fun to look forward to Spring and new growth! :-)

  14. Hi Tracy Jo,

    I always look forward to new growth, in all ways.

  15. It's hard to say goodbye to the beauty of summer and spring - but I guess I'll think that they are sleeping so that they can spring up in spring - lol.


  16. I have some lovely pepper plants loaded with jalapenos and Anaheims. It's supposed to freeze this week and I was thinking about repotting them and bringing them inside for awhile, to extend the season. Not sure if that will work but i"m going to try it!

  17. Love all this. I really appreciate the zinnia. My plants are still blooming, but I'm in North Georgia and even though we've had frost, it hasn't been strong enough to kill anything yet. No freeze.

    I know how you feel, though.