Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ma, What Are You Listening to?/ Tom Waits and I, A Musical Love Affair

Singing along with Tom Waits and doing better than OK

Tommy Boy

Yes, I am a Tom Waits fan, a Leonard Cohen Fan and a Ryan Bingham fan.  I love the gravel-voice tone of these artists.  The first song I heard Tom Waits sing was Waltzing Matilda and it grabbed me in my belly and I was a gonner.  He is not every one's cup of tea, nor is he an acquired taste, he is "you like him or hate him" type artist.  My children are of the latter group and cannot understand my passion for this bluesy, honky-tonk man.  I have been criticized for putting on one of his albums in their company, but I don't care, since my taste in music is so much more advanced than theirs. 

I have quite a few of Tom's albums but I thought Closing Time (debut album) was one of his best and would have more appeal to people.  This is the beautiful "Martha", but also on this CD is Rosie, O'l 55, Midnight Lullaby, Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night, and one of my favorites, Old Shoes.   If you put your cursor across the near bottom of the video (at about 10 seconds into it), up will pop more songs (15), and if you will give it a try, you can listen to and get into a Tom Waits moment. 

Want to get down and dirty with the blues, look up Warm Beer, Cold Women .  My oh my, this man moves me.  If I ever smoked (which I haven't), I'd want to light up now.

Someone said of Tom "his songs are like whiskey, and makes the world a little more bearable."  I don't like whiskey or any hard liquor, but I can drink in all his talent.

(OK, I know that 75% of you hated it, and I understand.  Different strokes for different folks, but really, at least try Grapefruit Moon)

 Sing to me Tommy Baby, sing to me!


  1. I love Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen (and have to admit I don't know Ryan Bingham)! I don't get how anyone could hate them, but they do. Anyway, you have darned good taste in music men!

  2. OK, I'll be honest, this is not my cup of tea, but we all dance to different drummers. It is always good to try a different listen every now and then. I find the piano really nice - kind of a honky tonk, living room piano style, rather than the slick stylings that seem to the trademark of most over produced stuff we have forced on us these days.

  3. I saw your comment on Sandy's blog and loved your comment. Looked at your blog - you sound a lot like me! sandie

  4. I couldn't hear it very well (loud football cheering in the back ground). I will go back later and listen. What I couldn't hear I liked. Kind of reminds me of Willie Nelson. I love Willie Nelson! Always good to find a new crooner to listen to.

  5. Hi Bonnie,

    We really don't have football here, our team is the Philadelphia Eagles and they really never showed up this year.

    This recording is from 1973 and was Tom's first album. His voice has changed and is more raspy now, but I even like it better. He is a different sound.

    Hi Sandi, Thanks for stopping by.

    MG -I have always danced to a different drummer.
    However, there is very little music that I don't like.

    Austan - I knew you would like Tom.

  6. Geeeez...Tommy Boy grows on you when you start listening to him! I wasn't so sure when your video started playing but less than half way through I was feeling it! I listened to the others you mentioned and then I went on Youtube and listened to Ice Cream that one too. There's something about that really does grow on you after a while. I can see why you like him! Yep I wanted to 'light up' and drink a whiskey...even though I don't smoke or drink hard liquor LOL! Thanks for the 'heads up' on Tommy Boy :)

  7. I like Tom & Leonard a whoever said Tom is like whiskey and making the world more bearable. I feel like that about music in general. Terry & I love sitting around, drinking wine and just listening to all kinds of music. :-) Awesome new picture - great pumpkin!!

  8. Maura, glad you liked my Tom. You can add him to your blog's wonderful music.

    Tracy Jo, it's good to hear from someone else you is mad about Tom.

  9. One of your children loves Tom Waits!

  10. If they could get me a brain transplant, hair transplant, a body lift and oh yes, money to live on, I might not mind living to 100.

    I don't have your email address to answer this so I wrote it as a comment. My email is skcz at comcast dot net

    Now - this comment - you are so my kind of gal - me too!


  11. I enjoy Leonard Chohen, and now Tom Waits. There is something of real experience in a voice that sounds like that. I felt the same about Johnny Cash.

  12. never heard of him
    but he's kind of mellow

  13. Thanks I enjoyed that, I love Leonard Cohen too, and have enjoyed looking around your blog and very pretty photo's :)